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released June 8, 2018


all rights reserved



RAWLS Harrisonburg, Virginia

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Track Name: WOLVES
Biding time, for now I'm fine
Stitching slow breaks the flow
Biting wind inside the mend
I've done the math, how long I'll last

I'm in the middle of nowhere and everything

There's blood on the snow
Fear has no place left to go
Coined in my conscience
There's a cold
Track Name: LAST WEEK
It's been too long since we've touched, feels like last week
Though I know your soft pink lips just left my cheek
Grab your keys, I found them for you in my sheets
Morning light fades as you walk down N Brook St.

It's been too long since I've thought of you with me
Though I crave your sweet face even in my sleep
Evening comes and you pour just what I need
It's been too long but I'm at home now that our eyes meet
Track Name: SOME
Some people want it all
C o u n t m e i n
Track Name: RED LEAF
Lamplight draws the warmth from the walls
Gold swirls in the glass I hold
The cradling hand, rougher than sand
Reminding me of the cold

When I built this place
L o g b y L o g
Fixed on every detail

Parametric thoughts as these tired eyes wander
Cyclopean muntins enclose
These feathers of muse, my precious berceuse
This ceiling of cedar can't hold

Framing the eve, a delicate leaf
Rests gently on the floor
To forever decay in this damned place
For I have built no door

I'm fixed on every detail
I'm fixed on every detail
I'm building myself in

Peaks to bestow through frosted windows
I've been here once before
Track Name: NOMAD
Limbs and leaves limply lean
In a pile of decaying dirt
Cover me up, tinder and cuff
To ash and smoldering mirth
Giving seems so silent
You accept with no reply

Antiquate sun and shade
To fields free from design
All I can see, all not for me
But what I can reach, I can climb
Giving seems so silent/safe/sacred
You accept what you deserve

Fare thee well All you own
Hardened shell Softened bone

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